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Since its inception, Glencoe has developed aviation partnerships, with three shared core principles: safety, service and value. Our aircraft operating partnerships with XO Jet and Clay Lacy Aviation give our clients the advantage of unparalleled access to charter flights. In 2015, Glencoe’s clients flew over 5,000 hours. Glencoe is NOT a charter broker, but an operator affiliate and partner, providing discounts for our special client base. On average we save our charter clients 15% over brokers. Glencoe can afford these cost savings because it does not broker trips and does not add brokerage fees normally associated with charter. It passes its savings on to the client, usually creating the lowest cost options. All aircraft and crews are Wyvern and ARG/US Platinum. Rates will depend on the aircraft type and duration of the trip. We will consult on needed aircraft, and always strive for premium aircraft at the lowest cost.